Channel Partner Transactional Cargo APIs

UPS Capital Claim API

The UPS Capital Claim API allows customers to transmit claims details directly to the UPS Capital Claims Center from the customer’s user interface. Customers will utilize the Claim API to quickly inform UPS Capital that a claim needs to be adjusted.

UPS Capital Insurance Coverage API

The UPS Capital Insurance Coverage API allows customers to quote, purchase, and confirm insurance coverage for their transactional shipments. Required insurance data will be transmitted between the customer’s user interface to the UPS Capital network.

UPS Capital Invoice API

The UPS Capital Invoice API will give customers the ability to pull the insurance related premium charges on a monthly basis. Customers will conduct the “Get All Invoices” API call to produce the invoice transmitted by UPS Capital on the first of each month.

UPS Capital Payment API

The UPS Capital Payment API allows for customers to transfer remittance data after the bank processes payment to UPS Capital.